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We specialise in the manufacture of plastic and metal fastener components for the automotive industry. Produced using injection moulding and press-bending technology and assembled in a 2-component process. Bundled around this core expertise are a whole host of services to achieve a comprehensive and holistic package encompassing each and every phase from development to integrated assembly.

Consulting / Development

Our essential approach is to facilitate development together with the customer. As such, we strive for open exchange from the very outset, listening and interchanging ideas with our customers in our capacity as a creative partner and consultant. We find the perfect solution to meet your needs by applying our extensive experience and expertise. Of that you can be sure.


Planning / Design

Highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art software are a prerequisite for ensuring precise planning and design for innovative ideas.


Production / Assembly

Modern machinery, ingenious production processes and advanced quality assurance methods combine to ensure the swift, precise and extremely reliable manufacture of your parts.


Warehouse / Logistics

Optimal coordination with customer processes and complete dependability in terms of supply are second nature to us.


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