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The IZB 2022 (International Suppliers Fair) is all about the smart, digitalised and self-driving car. ITW Global Fasteners, together with ITW Metal Fasteners and ITW Air Flow Management, is also representing the motto “Connecting Car Competence” this year. Together, we will present groundbreaking innovations that ensure more efficient production of lighter and therefore more sustainable electric vehicles. Our team will demonstrate the new developments to you at our exhibition stand, which covers the five focal areas:




Experience some of our many exciting innovations from 11th to 13th October from 10 am to 6 pm at our stand 3320 in Hall 3. Please also feel free to join us at our stand party for some delicious cocktails and canapés on 11th October starting at 5 pm.


With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the demands on vehicle architecture are also changing and new challenges are emerging. Extensive adaptations are necessary to ensure the safety of the battery and ultimately the driver. While the battery is the heart of any vehicle, the architecture is the backbone. Accordingly, it must be reliable, efficient and forgiving – not to mention absolutely safe.

Drainage Valve

Our Battery Drainage Valve ensures that no malfunctions or damage occur. If there is a leak in the coolant lines, the coolant accumulating in the battery box is automatically released as soon as the reservoir of the drainage valve reaches a critical level.

High Heat Plug

Battery overheating or thermal runaway poses a potential threat to an electric car and its passengers. Our High Heat Plugs help to meet the new safety requirements by providing reliable radial and axial sealing of sheet metal at temperatures up to 600°C for up to 10 minutes. Also they provide full flexibility for the assembly process; they can be easily mounted by hand but are also robust enough for automation.


Automobile manufacturing is a pioneer in the field of automation. It used industrial robots for manufacturing as early as the 1960s. It was also among the first industries to work with sensor technology. These technologies, which shortened assembly times and increased production output, enabled both productivity and quality improvements in parts production

Grip Tide

The Grip Tide system consists of cold-formed steel threaded inserts and studs with a unique and patented wave pattern used in plastic applications. Existing tooling can be used for installation by hot-pressing or re-pressing. Despite it being easy to install, Grip Tide is characterised by exceptional strength, stability and product longevity.

Hot Melt Plug

With the aim of quick and ergonomic installation, we have developed the Hot Melt Plug which is suitable for installation in horizontal as well as vertical or sloping applications. The element can be easily melted onto another material at temperatures between 120 and 180 degrees. Once properly attached, the adhesive plug signals correct installation with its now visible adhesive. Afterwards, the sealing protection with its high water tightness can show its effect on both sides.


In addition to the advantage of lower fuel costs, modern e-vehicles are a real environmentally friendly alternative to combustion engines and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We too support this transformation process. For this reason, we have chosen to develop low-PCF products as we expand our product portfolio and are focusing on basic RC materials. In addition, we are concentrating on fastening concepts that enable significant lightweight construction. This is the only way to increase battery range.

Decoupling Element

Decoupling Elements, which are designed to suppress interference and the propagation of vibration and structure-borne sound, are no longer made of metal and EPDM components as before. Instead, we use two much lighter, identical 2K components that are linked together with the help of a simple plug-in connection. Replacing the metal EPDM with an ITW solution on the soundbox mount results in a total weight reduction of 18 grams.

Nutplate Doorstriker

We have also reduced the weight of our Nut Plate Doorstrikers: Having completely done away with weld nuts, they provide a strong fixation with tolerance compensation for the integrated modules. The welded and fixed plates are reusable and their vibration resistance has been optimised. The smart joint technology makes the fasteners hold together better because the screw cannot loosen throughout its entire lifespan.


Sustainable automotive manufacturing also includes working conditions that promote a healthy workplace and guarantee the safety and comfort of skilled workers. That is why we are always working on products that are easy to assemble and pose no risk of injury.


The KwickOn principle is a fastening solution that only needs to be pressed onto a welding stud and not screwed on. This not only speeds up assembly; it also reduces the force required for assembly. Thanks to the high holding forces, stability is ensured. If disassembly is necessary, it can still be done easily and without destroying any of the connections.

Luggage Ring

The screwless Luggage Ring can be installed seamlessly. It must simply be pressed into the metal surface and then the flap is closed. In addition to a significantly reduced installation time, it is also possible to quickly verify whether the ring has been fitted correctly: The flap will only close if the metal legs engage correctly with the metal fastener.


The air flow management system plays an important role in the energy consumption of the vehicle and in maintaining appropriate operating and comfortable interior temperatures. Our Air Registers and Pressure Relief Valves ensure ideal air circulation. They increase the effectiveness of the air conditioning system to keep the interior comfortably cool, while excluding pollution, water, exhaust fumes, dust, pollen, strong outside noises and odours from the vehicle.

Air Register

Our Air Registers combine a versatile and usable design with the best performance data. This makes it easy to install in different environments and locations in the vehicle. The adaptable solution ensures reliable air circulation while keeping pressure loss to a minimum and reducing disturbing flow noise.

Pressure Relief Valves

The Pressure Releif Valve supports effective air exchange and pressure equalisation, which also saves energy. Not only are water, dust and exhaust gases effectively prevented from entering, but the easy-to-install component can also successfully suppress disturbing noise.