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Every vehicle is built around the chassis and bodywork. Secure and reliable connections make sure that components fitted to the vehicle frame stay in place, even under high stresses. ITW Global Fasteners offers premium fastening solutions that secure vehicle components to the framework. Our portfolio also includes products for sealing the chassis. These deliver long-lasting protection against dust and water, keeping the vehicle on the road for longer. ITW products can be fitted quickly and easily. Each one is developed with durability, reliability and ease of assembly in mind.


Products for chassis and bodywork from ITW Global Fasteners are used wherever there is a need for tight seals or secure connections. On chassis in particular, plugs from ITW are a popular choice for protecting against external influences. Whether you need a solution for the door frame, hood, tailgate, trunk and trunk framework, sills or taillights, ITW has the right sealing product for you. Our plastic plugs are manufactured in 1K or 2K injection molding processes. They are reliable, durable and suitable for a variety of installation situations and hole shapes. They can be fitted easily without the need for tools, either ergonomically by hand or via robots.

Body & Chassis

1K Plug – The 1-component plug:

The ITW 1K assembly plug is extremely versatile. It is suitable for broad tolerance ranges and various panel materials. The 1K Plug allows a high degree of standardization, therefore making automated production easier.

  • Quick and ergonomic assembly

  • Suitable for material thicknesses of 0.6 to 5 mm

  • Available for a variety of requirement profiles

2K Plug – The 2-component plug:

The 2K Plug is a universal paintwork plug that is suitable for broad tolerance ranges. It delivers high holding force, while its soft sealing lip meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Quick and ergonomic assembly

  • Waterproof as per EP81075.20

  • For material thicknesses of 0.7 to 5 mm

  • Available in countless different materials


High Heat Plug:

The High Heat Plug is the sealing solution for demanding temperature requirements. The special 2K plug is highly temperature resistant and gas tight. This makes it perfect for use in electric vehicles, where temperatures can rise quickly in the event of a thermal runaway in the battery.

  • Easy assembly, both manual and automated

  • High inner rigidity against push-through

  • Robust and suitable for magazines


Water Drain Grommet:

Certain points of the chassis require controlled water drainage in order to keep them dry. Water drain grommets let fluid drain off and out of the vehicle, while also protecting the interior against external environmental influences.

Kinematic Plug:

The Kinematic Plug was developed for applications on the vehicle bodywork. Its design allows for easy installation in laser-cut holes in places where other plugs are difficult to fit. Best of all, the plug can be recycled.

  • Easy assembly

  • For material thicknesses of 0.6 to 3.5 mm

  • Suitable for use as paintwork and assembly plugs, or for collar holes

Hot Melt Plug – 2K:

The Hot Melt Plug is a 2K plug that delivers extremely high holding forces and a stronger seal, while also being easy to install. It is inserted during the painting process and undergoes thermal activation in the furnace to create a chemical bond with the chassis. Installing the plug requires very little force and it can be removed intact as a single piece. The Hot Melt Plug is suitable for a variety of purposes and covers broad tolerance ranges.

  • Protects against water on both sides

  • Suitable for standardization

  • Visual confirmation of correct fit


Our CompNut compensates tolerances and allows precise component positioning, even in the event of large tolerances. The nut is made of plastic and is very soft. It can be fitted easily and securely by means of a screw connection.

  • Tolerance compensation of up to 8 mm

  • For material thicknesses of 2.5 to 4 mm

  • Corrosion resistant

Nut Plate Door Striker:

The Nut Plate Door Striker from ITW is designed for securing door strikers. It delivers a strong and secure hold, while also compensating the tolerance between the door and the door frame. It can be fitted without weld nuts. Individual components are reusable. Thanks to Smart Joint technology, it offers a strong and reliable connection, as the screw cannot come loose.

Door Hinge Nut Plate:

This nut plate makes attaching door hinges to the chassis easy. This is all thanks to the thin, weldable steel that is also heat treated. As there is no need for threaded nuts and welding rivets, the nut plate also helps minimize the overall weight of the vehicle. The nut plate is suitable for fully automated assembly.

Steering system

LeverLink with KwickOn:

Fasteners used in steering systems need to allow a wide range of movement, while also providing a secure connection that can transfer movements. Thanks to the KwickOn fixing developed by ITW four plastic fasteners, the LeverLink is pressed on during assembly rather than being screwed. It delivers high holding forces for high stability.

  • Low costs

  • Easy assembly

  • Corrosion resistant

Innovative developments from ITW Global Fasteners

Custom automation solutions:

ITW Global Fasteners can support you in automated plug assembly. We can develop a customized automation system tailored precisely to your production layout.

  • Custom automation system based on ITW expertise

  • Individually adjustable solution

  • Broad range of plugs available

  • Shortened cycle times


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