Our Values


We continually focus on the essential core of each business opportunity. With the “80/20” rule being our central philosophy, we foster simplicity in terms of how we think and as regards our processes, systems and structures – reduced, focused, flexible.


As a company driven by innovation, we know that we can gain strength through trial and error – and perhaps even stumble upon the next big idea. This is why we work as a team and jointly bear the risks.


Regardless of the many brands and company locations, our suppliers and customers are always treated in the same manner by ITW – with honesty and transparency, by a company that constantly strives to do the right thing.


Our qualified employees come from many different cultural backgrounds – ITW respects such diversity at every level of the company and consequently promotes an open environment in which innovations can emerge.


We rely on the fact that all ITW employees work to the highest professional standards and in the company’s best interests at all times.