Tailored solutions for use on line clips

Countless technical systems in vehicles use fluid or air. Things like fuel, brake fluid, heating air, coolant and engine oil to name just a few are conveyed through circuits and perform various tasks within the vehicle. ITW Global Fasteners provides premium fastening elements that keep lines, tubes and hoses for air and fluids in the right place. They are essential for meeting the requirements of the vehicle’s highly complex tube systems. ITW solutions are developed for ease of installation and removal. Ergonomic fitting, reliability and durability are among the most important features of ITW products.


Line and tube systems in modern vehicles consist of a network of components and lines that supply various media to where they are needed. These include functions like the engine, the brake system, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, the cooling system on combustion engines and thermal management in electric vehicles. Tanks, pumps and valves come with a web of multiple lines. The fastening systems must be flexible and versatile, in order to meet the respective requirements. These range from variable diameter, temperature resistance, vibration damping and slip resistance to high holding forces, easy installation and of course sustainability aspects such as recycling.

Fuel and brake line clips

The one-part line clips fasten pipes and tubes securely to the vehicle body. They are mostly used in brake and fuel line systems. The ITW one-part clips are incredibly easy to install, as they are simply pushed into position without the need for great force. They also offer excellent holding force that keeps the lines in place reliably.

The one-part clips for fuel lines feature spring elements that securely hold the tubes and fasten them tightly to the panel. A displacement lock acting along the line ensures additional reliability on the catch. A film hinge with clip guard provides extra stability if the hinge fails. In addition, the clip sits securely on top of M6 screws thanks to spring tabs that generate preload on the panel. This ensures secure and reliable fasting for the fuel lines.


The one-part clip for brake systems ensures secure fastening to T6 screws. It effectively dampens vibrations using spring elements that securely grip the line and ensure a firm hold. This design both provides a reliable mount for the line and generates good pretension to the panel.


The two-part line clips consist of a hard component for a reliable hold and a soft component that both guides the line and ensures acoustic decoupling. The clips offer excellent vibration damping and is also suitable for use in high-temperature applications. Manual installation requires just 20 to 50 N of pushing force. The clips also protect the line against abrasion and wear, therefore extending its service life. The ITW two-part clips not only secure tubes and lines reliably, but protect them against damage.

The two-part clips for fuel lines feature a sturdy swivel hinge that provides a precise pivot point. The clips can accommodate various line diameters. As well as dampening vibration, the soft component tightly grips the lines to prevent slipping. The clip sits securely on the T6 screw, while the soft component decouples the line from the panel. It also reliably prevents displacement along the line.


The two-part clips with film hinge feature a locking mechanism on the cap in case the hinge breaks. The soft component retains the tube while also dampening vibrations and preventing displacement. This stops the line from accidentally moving or shifting. The clips therefore give you a secure and sturdy mounting for tubes in various applications.


HVAC clips

The two-part HVAC clip with integrated metal bushing offers a stable connection for mounting lines. The clip is screwed together via a screw bushing. A film hinge with clip guard provides further reliability. This fastening offers a low-vibration tube mounting and a secure sit thanks to an anti-slip soft component. It is the ideal solution for HVAC applications that require both reliability and a secure hold.

This two-part HVAC clip is specially designed for mounting on support beams. It can be fitted easily and securely: simply push in, clip and screw. A film hinge offers additional protection. On top of this, the reduced-vibration tube mounting features an anti-slip mechanism, so that the tube sits securely even in environments with heavy vibrations.


Cooling and thermal management

The Edge Clip is a plastic fastener with an integrated metal clip and was specially developed for cooling systems in combustion engines. The clip is fitted by simply pushing it onto the edge of a panel. This practical design allows for simple and effective fastening of lines and tubes in cooling systems.

The line clip for use on screws is specially designed for combustion engine cooling systems. It sits securely on the T5 screw, with spring tabs generating preload on the panel and creating a secure grip. In addition, the clip has a displacement lock acting along the line that retains it securely in position. The clip is therefore ideal for fastening lines and tubes in combustion engine cooling systems.


The two-part clip with film hinge is ideal for use on thermal management systems in electric vehicles. It sits firmly on the T6 screw and provides a reduced-vibration mounting for the line with a soft component that prevents displacement. It also has a locking mechanism that prevents loss if the hinge breaks.

The two-part clip with swivel hinge is specially designed for thermal management systems in electric vehicles. It features a sturdy hinge with a defined pivot point. This clip sits securely on the T5 screw and also provides a reduced-vibration mounting for the line. The soft component boasts an anti-slip effect that keeps the line in place.


Innovations from ITW Global Fasteners

Customized fastening and decoupling solutions:

ITW Global Fasteners is responding to growing acoustic requirements with its range of fastening and decoupling solutions. These also let users secure lines and tubes in a way that reduces vibrations.

  • Ergonomic installation

  • High holding force

  • Robust and secure fastening

  • Outstanding acoustic insulation properties

  • Made from a mix of materials for perfect quality

  • Designed to last

Both the design and the materials can be adjusted to specific customer needs, from temperature resistance and ease of installation to holding force. With ITW, you get tailored fasteners that meet precisely your needs.